Dolls Pajamas and more

American Girl Dolls Pajamas - Chris Lucas Designs

My latest creation is this cute little dolls pajamas outfit I would have loved a dolls pajamas outfit like this for my doll when I was a little girl   Check out this slippers!!  How cute are they??? I made my own patterns for the slippers and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out. […]

AG Dolls Panties by the Bunch

Australian Girl Doll & AG Dolls Panties

I just couldn’t stop up one pair of dolls panties… I ended up making a whole bunch of them! To say I had fun making these cute panties is an under ‘wear‘ statement LOL Not only did I have fun making these panties but so did the girls…with a little help from me of course […]

AG Dolls Dress – Summer Sunshine

Australian Girl Dolls Dress - Pretty In Pink

Had fun making this adorable AG Dolls dress using a FREE pattern. I decided to call this one Summer Sunshine as I thought the name was perfect for this dress. Here’s my American Girl ® doll Julie soaking up the sunshine and looking pretty cute wearing the dress For this dress I modified a free […]

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