AG Dolls Panties by the Bunch

I just couldn’t stop up one pair of dolls panties… I ended up making a whole bunch of them!

To say I had fun making these cute panties is an under ‘wear‘ statement LOL

Not only did I have fun making these panties but so did the girls…with a little help from me of course

Australian Girl Doll & AG Dolls Panties

The clown in the middle wearing panties on here head is the latest edition to my doll collection.  Her name is Phoebe and she’s a Our Generation doll that Kmart here in Australia now stocks… Yeah finally I can buy 18″ dolls right here in my home town of Port Hedland.  When I was setting up the dolls to take this pic a flood of memories came back to me at the sort of crazy things I did when I was a kid… like walking around with panties on my head and pulling my pig tails through the leg holes… surely I’m not the only one that’s ever done something like that when they were a kid… or am I?

Ok… back to the dolls panties.

To make the dolls panties I used a pattern called Days of the Week Panties by the lovely Chris Saunders from Love U Bunches.  Chris also made the pattern for the dolls shoes I made for my Chanel Inspired Outfit here

These dolls panties are a great fit for our Australian Girl dolls, American Girl dolls and Our Generation dolls… here’s a pic of all the girls lined up showing off their new panties and how the fit on each of them.

AG Dolls Panties for Australian Girl dolls and American Girl dolls and similar size 18" dolls

Our lovely models are Phoebe my Our Generation doll, Molly my American Girl Doll – Pre-Mattel, Belle my Australian Girl doll and Julie my American Girl Doll

No excuse for naked dolls in my studio or your home anymore :)

The great thing about the pattern is that you get these cute little designs that you and print and transfer to the panties which was something I’d never done before and think they look great.  There’s also days of the week included in the pattern.

Chris also shared lots more transfer designs over on her Facebook page Love U Bunches… the transfers here Chris did especially for me and then there’s more here too!

You can get a copy of the dolls panties pattern from Pixie Faire here or if you’d like to buy some that I’ve already made you can buy them individually here or by the bunch here

I’ve lost count on the number of these panties that I’ve made and sent out to people here in Australia and also overseas which is fun and I love seeing pics of my clients dolls wearing them too

How cute are these girls wearing my panties?

One of my lovely clients (Christine S) shared this pic for me to see her girls all wearing their new panties.  Thank you Chris for sharing a pic of all your dolls wearing the new panties.  I love seeing pics of my clients wearing things I’ve made… always puts a huge smile on my face… just like it did when I saw this pic :)

Clients Dolls Panties by the Bunch

“Undies on parade, Aus and Am Girls modeling their lovely new undies from Chris Lucas Designs, thanks Chris”

What I’m currently working on

I’ve been working on drafting patterns for a one piece halter neck bathing suit for the dolls which I’ve been sharing on my Facebook page here 

Here’s a pic of some of the test versions I’ve made so far.  My favourite so far is the pink with diamonte buckle… I’m planing on making quite a few of these in different colours including a pretty blue, a darker pink and black too.  I’m quite partial to adding a little touch of bling to the outfits I make and create as I think it adds a nice little touch of glamour for our girls… and let’s face it most of us quite like sparkling things to brighten up our day.

Australian Girl Doll Swimwear - Chris Lucas Designs

These were my 1st 2 versions of my sample garments.  I’ve made 5 different variations to the pattern including one with a higher neckline for our American Girl dolls… there’s a pic below of the purple swimsuit that has the higher neckline on it.

Oh Look… it’s a new deck chair for my girls

I finally managed to talk my wonderful hubby (Grant) into making me a deck chair for the girls.  I printed out some plans that I found here and he tweaked it a little and made one for me.  Here’s the girls checking out their new chair perfectly made to fit both Australian Girl dolls and American Girl dolls.

Oh WOW look what Grant made for us!  What a great looking chair!

Oh WOW look what Grant made for us! What a great looking chair!

Grant did all the woodwork and I made the seating.  I love the look of the seating as it looks just like canvas and is perfect for this chair.  It’s actually a jumbo tea towel I got from Kmart that I cut up so as I could get the right size and the stripes to go down the centre of the chair.  The cover is removable so a I can also make lots of different colours if I wanted to.

Australian Girl doll Swimwear by Chris Lucas Designs

” Yeah It’s perfect!!! Thank you Grant. We’d really like 3 more as there’s four of us you know… pretty please Grant will you make us some more?? “

American Girl Doll Swimwear and Deck Chair - Chris Lucas Designs

My American Girl doll Julie couldn’t wait to test out the their new chair as well :)

As you can tell the girls love their new chair… and don’t they look cute in their new swimwear too?

Here’s hoping I can talk my hubby into making some more deck chairs for the girls otherwise I think there could be a few tantrums between them hahaha

Currently I’m waiting on some more fabric and supplies to arrive that I ordered online so I can put our swimsuits into production and list them in my shop for sale.  Hopefully my parcels will arrive any day now so I can make lots of cute swimsuits for my clients dolls to wear.  Summer isn’t far away for us here in Australia so I’ll definitely have them ready in time for the summer season ahead.

So there you go… that’s what I’ve been up to lately and as you can tell I’ve had quite a bit of fun sewing panties by the bunch and designing a new swimsuit that will suit both our Australian Girl dolls and American Girl dolls too.

Feel free to leave a comment below or you can message me here… I love reading your comments and emails too :)



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    What – 4 girls and only 1 chair. Hubby needs to get cracking otherwise they will start fighting. You know I don’t like dolls but I really want one now to make nice clothes for them.

    • says

      This one lonely chair with 4 girls is definitely a problem and hubby is going to have to fix it for me or things could get pretty ugly around here LOL. Beajay the best thing about having dolls is sewing for them and they don’t use anywhere near as much fabric as we use when we sew clothes for ourselves. You can even use the remnant pieces left over from the clothes you make for yourself. You might just have to cave in and get yourself one and I won’t be surprised when you do lol

Feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them :)