I’ve been on a Sewing Spree

I’ve actually been on an American Girl doll sewing spree and loving it!

There’s been no sewing for me for sometime as I truly just don’t need anymore clothes as living over here in a remote mining town I have no where to go to wear them.  I can’t not sew as those of you who know me know that I LOVE SEWING way to much to not sew.  So who better for me to sew for than my American Girl and Australian Girl dolls… I don’t have any kids to sew for and I love dolls. Goes to show I’m not a selfish seamstress after all :) This week I also started a little Etsy shop as I thought I might be able to sell some of the dolls clothes I make as there’s just no way my girls will ever be able to wear all these cute little outfits.  I might also add a little shop outlet on my website here or set up a new website just for my dolls.  I’m not quite sure yet so I’ll just go with the flow and see how I go.  If you want to check out my little Etsy shop you’ll find it here. If you’d like to see some of the outfits I’ve been making then keep reading as I’ve shared some pictures of my American Girl and Australian Girl dolls wearing the clothes I’ve made.  By the way I’ve compressed all the pics so they don’t take long to load.

American Girl Doll Dress ‘Making Headlines’

The first dress worn by my American Girl doll ‘Julie’ which I called ‘Making Headlines’ as I thought it was rather appropriate considering the fabric I used which is a cotton print.  It’s actually fun thinking up names for these outfits LOL American Girl Doll Dress Making Headline Here’s another pic of the dress with my beautiful Australian Girl doll ‘Belle’ wearing ‘Making Headlines’ hahahaha just had to write the name of this dress again… see I’m still a big kid at heart :) Australian Girl Doll Belle - Wearing Making Headlines I’ve also been trying to improve on my photography skills so as I can take better pictures of my AG dolls clothes.  I think the pics of my ‘Making Headlines’ dress turned out the best so far… it’s the latest dress I made and photographed.  Fingers crossed my photography skills will keep getting better from now on. The bodice on the dress is fully lined with a soft white linen fabric and the waistband is a black linen.  I think the addition of the little bow I made and attached on the waistband sets this dress off. AG Dress - Making the Headline - Bodice Fully Lined

Looks like ‘Making Headlines’ has already caught some attention

That’s right… I’ve already sold a ‘Making Headlines’ dress to a journalist from the US.. .how’s that? The journalist named Sheryl H contacted me via Facebook as soon as she seen the pic and said she just had to have it.  Well… I had to read that message twice!  To say I was over the moon was an understatement.  Fortunately I have enough fabric to make two of these which I’m now calling Limited Edition dresses LOL

American Girl Doll Dress ‘Check it Out’

Yes, that’s right I called this dress ‘Check it Out’.  I also thought this name was appropriate for the dress considering the fabric I used and of course because it looks so darn cute… well it does to me anyway.  What do you reckon? I have to admit I’m actually having fun giving these little dresses names.

American Girl Doll wearing gingham dressHow cute is that dress???

I don’t know if it’s just me but I think it’s adorable.  Here’s a close up of the belt with attached button flower that I made to go with it.  I’ve also listed this dress on Etsy   For this dress I used a Heritage Dolls Fashions pattern and made a few modifications and added my own special little touches. AG Doll Dress Check It Out

Sometimes one just isn’t enough!

I couldn’t stop at one dress with this style and this fabric.  Both girls DEMANDED a dress each… and who am I to argue with these two AG dolls :) For this dress I used a pattern from SuziMStudio called Lillian.  I’ll definitely be making more in this style as I just love it and it looks great and fits great on my American Girl and Australian Girl dolls. American Girl Doll Julie and Australian Girl Doll Belle

I called these dresses ‘That’s A Wrap’

How great do they look? I made two of these dresses as well.  This one I made using cotton and added the sleeve caps. American Girl Doll Julie wearing wrap dress This one I made without the sleeve caps and used a knit fabric. American Girl Doll Julie wearing leopard print wrap dress The pattern for my ‘That’s A Wrap’ dresses is from Lee & Pearl and here’s what they say about the pattern…

In 1974, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg debuted a line of simple jersey wrap dresses, and a new fashion star was born. The dresses sold in record numbers, and kept on selling, remaining a staple wardrobe item right through to today. Dressy but comfortable, pretty but casual, fashionable but flattering (and forgiving), the wrap dress proved a perfect fit for the ideal modern woman: a confident person with life and career firmly in her own hands!

Lee & Pearl™’s 18″ doll version of the iconic wrap dress offers the same combo of vintage style and modern practicality. Our dress features the same cross-over front construction as the original with two pleats for a flattering fit, a waist seam, front facing, moderately flared skirt, fabric ties, an optional wide, flat collar, and your choice of long sleeves, cap sleeves or no sleeves. Our flared skirt can be cut in one of three hem lengths: traditional knee length, free-flowing “maxi” (ankle) length and our favorite: a coordinates-with-everything peplum top length.

Featured on Pixie Faire website

I made this dress using a Liberty Jane pattern and much to my surprise I had one my pics of this outfit featured on the Pixie Faire website which I was told is a real compliment.  So I took it as one quite gracefully and emailed Cinnamon personally and thanked her and she said she was more than happy to feature my work on their site. American Girl doll wearing Liberty Jane dress

My first collection heehee

I just loved this fabric so much so that I got a little carried away and thought I’d call it my ‘Wild Child Collection‘… let’s face it even dolls have a wild side to them… Don’t they? Here’s a peek at some of the things I made that make up this collection…

First off how about these for a pair of Wild Child Jeans!

American Girl Doll Jeans worn by Julie   I also made the little top to go with the jeans.  Both patterns are Liberty Jane’s available at Pixie Faire  Here’s a close up of the jeans… they have working pockets on the front and the back.  The picture below shows a more accurate colour in the fabrics. American Girl Doll Jeans - Close Up

How hot does this little number look?

I made the corset from a pattern and then drafted and made the skirt pattern myself to go with it.   American Girl Doll Corset - Animal Print

If I had a body like ‘Julie’ I definitely wear this little number LOL

Next up I made this wrap top that ties in the front and a pair of leggings to spice things up a bit.  I used the same skirt pictured above to go with it.  So now she can have a little mix n match outfit. American Girl Doll - Wilde Child Wrap Top   And then there’s this little dress that I made using the Lillian pattern from SuziMStudio American Girl Doll - Wilde Child Collection - Dress and Wrap top   Here’s the three of them together looking like they’re ready to get up to a bit of mischief especially going out on the town with Julie wearing her corset.  She definitely likes being the centre of attention! American Girl Dolls wearing Wild Child collection leopard print So that’s all the little outfits in my ‘Wild Child’ collection.

I also made this little outfit too…

American Girl Doll Skirt and Top So there you go, as you can see I’ve definitely been on a bit of a sewing spree. Gotta go now as the girls are calling me… They’re waiting in the sewing studio to have a little more fun with me hahahahaha If you’ve read down this far I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and don’t think I’ve lost my marbles like my hubby did and still does. Bye for now :)



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    You really have been on a sewing kick, Chris, and I love all of your outfits! Your sewing skills are admirable. Seeing all of your work makes me want to get to work making more doll clothes, too.

    • says

      I sure have been Elaine and glad to know that it’s inspired you to sew more as well. Thank you for the lovely compliment on my sewing as I love taking pride in everything in sew… sometimes it’s the little things that we do that can make all the difference :)

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