Australian Girl Doll – Chanel Inspired Outfit

Even our Australian Girl dolls love Chanel!

So did one of my clients who’s already bought this little outfit for her daughter who’s getting an Australian Girl doll called Matilda for Christmas from Missy Jo Dolls.  This is the same shop from where I bought my Australian Girl doll Belle from way back here

I can’t tell you how much fun I had making this outfit for a specific doll in mind and for a specific little girl… I even stretched my sewing skills and made some shoes for the very first time.

Australian Girl Doll - Chanel Inspired outfit by Chris Lucas inc Handbag Shoes Belt Skirt Top Necklace #AGDollEverything you see in these pic I’m proud to say ‘I Made That’ including the top, skirt, belt, shoes, bag and the necklace too :)

Below I’ve shared some information about each piece that I made and included links to the patterns I used and where you can find them.

The Tank Top

First up was the Tank Top which I made using Liberty Jane’s free Tank Top pattern available from Pixie Faire which you can get here 

I’ve made this little tank top a few times now and it’s a great little pattern to use for either Australian Girl dolls or American Girl dolls.  I have made my own little adaptations to the pattern and do sew it up a little differently to the instruction which most sewers tend to do with a pattern that they use regularly and have their own ways of doing things that works for them.

The Skirt

I love this little paper bag style of skirt as I think it looks great on our Australian Girl and American girl dolls.  The best part is it’s really quite easy to make and would be great for a beginners sewing project.  For the skirt in my Chanel inspired outfit I decided to leave off the belt loops as I didn’t think it needed it and I didn’t want to take away from the belt and the buckle as the skirt already has quite a busy print and along with all the details in this whole outfit I didn’t think it needed it… and let’s face it it’s not like our dolls are moving around a lot and are going to lose their skirts while walking LOL

 The Chanel inspired handbag

Every girl loves a handbag and how cute is this little Chanel inspired one?

AG Doll Outfit - Chanel Inspired Handbag - Chris Lucas I even did some quilting to give it that little extra Chanel inspired touch.  The outside fabric is the same as the shoes and the belt and it’s fully lined in a coordinating lilac fabric to match the outfit.

Australian Girl Dolls Clothes Shoes and Handbag - Chanel Inspired - Made by Chris Lucas

For this bag I used an American Girl doll pattern called The Urban Handbag available at Pixie Faire here 

I did make some modifications to the pattern just with the trim and the closure and with doing the quilting once I cut out my bag pieces.

The Belt

I made this design up myself using the same buckle that I used in the bag… basically I made one long strap and cut into 2 two straps and attached one on either side of the buckle and made them long enough to overlap at the back and attached velcro on the ends so that it’s easy to take on and off and also fits both our Australian Girl dolls and American Girl dolls.

Australian Girl Dolls Clothes made by Chris Lucas

The Necklace

For the little necklace I simply applied a few pretty beads that matched the outfit and attached them onto a thin stand of elastic and tied the ends together.  I made sure it was loose enough to easily slip on and off over the dolls head.

Dolls Shoes

I had been putting off making dolls shoes for so long and finally took the plunge and made my very first pair of dolls shoes and am thrilled with how they came out and the fit I got for our Australian Girl dolls.  It’s not easy finding shoes to fit Australian Girl dolls and now that I’ve made a pair I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot more shoes for our Australian Girl dolls.

I used the same fabric for the outside and the lining as I did for the bag and the belt so it’s a little matching set and can also be worn with other outfits as well.

Even Belle is thrilled with these shoes and loves how they fit her cute little feet perfectly.

Australian Girl Dolls Shoes made by Chris Lucas

For these shoes I used another pattern from Pixie Faire called Plain Jane Shoes and you can find the pattern here

As our Australian Girl dolls have bigger feet than the American Girl dolls shoes I did have to make some alterations to the pattern but thankfully the changes I made were just right and I got a great fit and now have the perfect template for the next pair of Plain Jane shoes I make.  I have a feeling I’ll be wanting to make shoes for every dolls outfit I make from now on.  I’ll probably even get a little more adventurous and make different styles as well.

I highly recommend this shoe pattern for anyone who would love to try making a pair of shoes for their American Girl dolls as it really is a great pattern and the instructions are very well written by the lovely and talented Chris from Love U Bunches 

So there you have it… my completed Australian Girl doll Chanel inspired outfit from ‘Head to Toe’ heehee I can say that as I even made the shoes LOL.  I hope the little girl who receives this outfit enjoys dressing her new Australian Girl doll Matilda in it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Another cute little outfit I made

I’ve made quite a few other outfits that I haven’t blogged about here yet either.  I think I should try to get into the habit of sharing a blog post for each outfit I make… especially these cute one… Here’s another outfit I made and the same client bought for her other daughter which is just as cute.  For this one I used the same skirt and tank top pattern but made up the little purse pattern myself and made the little belt as well.

Australian Girl Doll Skirt Top and matching bag - Diamonte Buckles and Bows - Chris Lucas Designs - Collage

If you’d like to see more of what I make for our Australian Girl dolls and American Girl dolls come and join me over on Facebook at Chris Lucas Designs as I’d love to see you there too :)

Comments are always welcome and you can also contact me via Email here




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    Chris I totally love the colours you have chosen. You’ve done a wonderful job and there will be a very happy little girl this Christmas!

    • says

      Thanks Rosie and I love these colours too. My client has bought several of my Australian Girl dolls outfits for her 2 daughters and has promised to send me some pics of their the girls and their dolls with their new outfits which I’m really looking forward to :)


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