Australian Girl Doll Denim Jacket – Four piece outfit

My latest project is a four piece outfit made to fit our Australian Girl ® dolls

To start with I thought I’d share this pic so you can see the completed project which consists of the denim jacket, skirt, top and a matching handbag

Australian Girl Doll Denim Jacket Skirt Top and Handbag

I have to confess there was quite a few hours dedicated to this project but I think the results have made it all worth while as I just love it and am proud to say ‘I made that’ :)  As much as I’d hate to part with it I’ve listed this outfit for sale in my Etsy shop here.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about this outfit I’ve included some details below.

The Skirt

The skirt is what started this whole project.

I really wanted to make a fitted pleated skirt for my Australian Girl doll and couldn’t find any patterns anywhere for exactly what I wanted so I decided to draft my own skirt pattern.  I’m really happy with how it turned out as it’s exactly what I had pictured in my mind and it fits my Australian Girl doll perfectly.  The pleats sit beautifully and match up at the centre back.  For the closure I used velcro to make it easy for young ones to be able to take the skirt off and on and for the fabric I used this pretty quilting cotton.

I love how these pleats sit…

Australian Girl Doll Denim Jacket and matching pleated skirt

Next up I made the little white top…

not a lot to say about this one except to say I drafted the pattern and made it out of quilting cotton and it closes in the centre back with velcro.

Australian Girl Doll Pleated Skirt

Next project was the denim jacket

Now here’s where the real fun began.  First off I purchased a Liberty Jane pattern which is meant for American Girl dolls so I made some adjustments to ensure it fitted our Australian Girl dolls perfectly as they’re a little larger and have longer arms.  Once I had the size right I made the design changes I wanted.  I turned the jacket into a little crop jacket and made allowances for the pleats and the special surprise feature on the back.

I used the same fabric as the skirt for the faux pocket under flaps and the under collar, added lots of double top stitching, hand sewed the little faux button holes and included flat fell seams.  Here’s a couple of close up progress pics

Australian Girl Doll Denim Jacket Close up pic

Australian Girl Doll Denim Jacket - Close up of top stichingThe final touch was to add the pleats and diamante buckle on the back which I really think sets this jacket off and adds an element of surprise and a little touch of glam with a bit of bling.

Australian Girl Doll Denim Jacket with Diamante buckle

Last but not least is the little matching handbag

Let’s face it most girls love a little handbag that goes with their outfit and these girls are no different.  For the bag I used the same denim fabric as the jacket and for the lining I used a piece of plain red quilting cotton, and a pattern by Liberty Jane available at Pixie Faire.  I added a pocket on the other side of the bag big enough to hold a dolls mini iPad or mobile phone :)

AG Doll Handbag

So there you got that’s my latest completed sewing project and I’ve listed this outfit in my Etsy shop here

Can’t wait to share with you another project I completed as a pattern tester for the most adorable little dolls dress… stay tuned :)

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to leave a comment as I’d love to hear from you or you can email me via my Contact page here



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      Thanks Olga and I’m happy to report my client loves it too. Some outfits are really hard to part with once you make them but the thought of someone else enjoying the outfit as well always puts a smile on my face :)

Feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them :)