Dolls Pajamas and more

My latest creation is this cute little dolls pajamas outfit

I would have loved a dolls pajamas outfit like this for my doll when I was a little girl

American Girl Dolls Pajamas - Chris Lucas Designs


Check out this slippers!!  How cute are they???

I made my own patterns for the slippers and I’m so thrilled with how they turned out.

AG Doll Slippers - Chris Lucas Designs

When I made these slippers I tried to line up the roses so they mirrored each other… I only wished the print had images of the roses going in the other direction as well as the little rose buds are different as the images only had one direction.  But that’s Ok..the leaves are still on the opposite sides.

For the bottom soles I used one layer of foam and the top of the soles is made up of one layer of foam topped with a layer of felt (for extra softness under foot heehee) and then I covered the top soles with the same matching fabric as I used the in dolls nightie.  The straps over the foot are also lined in the same soft pink fabric too :)

Just in case you missed it here’s another pic of those slippers hahahaha

AG Dolls Slippers - fit both American Girl Dolls and Australian Girl Dolls - Chris Lucas Designs

Of course I just had to make a pair of matching panties to go with the outfit… and that cute little mask to complete the look.

Here’s my Australian Girl doll looking so cute wearing the panties and eye mask and checking out the nightie.   Oh and be sure you check out those slippers just in case you missed them before hahahaha

Australian Girl Doll Pajamas outfit  - Chris Lucas Designs

For the nightie and the panties I used patterns by LoveU Bunches available at

The dolls pajamas outfit is available in my shop here 

I can also make this outfit in other colours and I love doing custom orders… I’ve received 3 custom orders for outfits this week which was great!

If you have any questions at all you’re more than welcome to email here

So what else have I been doing??

I’m going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY

My Facebook page has been doing great and I announced that when I reached 200 Likes I’d do another GIVEAWAY for a dolls outfit.  Good news… this week I went well over 200 Likes :)

So I’ll be making an outfit for a GIVEAWAY… I have my fabric and an outfit all picked out and will be working on it this week and my GIVEAWAY will be coming up very soon.  I’ll keep you up to date about it here on my blog so you don’t miss out and if you don’t use Facebook you can still have a chance to enter and win an outfit for your doll or your daughters doll or you can gift it to a friend… the choice is all yours.

Pattern Testing

I was invited again to test a pattern by LoveU Bunches soon to be released on for an American Girl dolls and matching Mini AG dolls called Simply Summer SunDress

Here’s some pics of the dresses I made.  I think they’re adorable and have a feeling I’ll be making more of these little dresses.  I don’t yet have a Mini AG dolls but do have 2 on the way thanks to one friend over in America and another friend here in Australia which is so sweet of them.

American Girl doll and Mini AG dolls Dress - Chris Lucas Designs

 Here’s a close up pic of the Mini AG dolls dress

Mini AG Dolls Dress - Chris Lucas DesignsA couple of the pictures of my dolls dresses will be featured in the pattern which is exciting.

American Girl Dolls Dress and Mini AG Dolls Dress - Chris Lucas Designs

That’s all from me for now and I’ll be sure to let you know when my GIVEAWAY is up and running so you can have a chance to enter and win one of my dolls outfits :)






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  1. says

    THis is the cutiest night gown set, I have ever seen..[I want one for me.ha] Love the slippers, I am going to have
    to go and buy me a doll…just so I can make me some

    • says

      I want one too Judy and I want to look as cute as Belle does wearing it hahahaha. Careful if you a buy a doll as they can get a little addictive lol. Aren’t those dolls slippers the cutest things ever!

    • says

      Thanks Fiona :) To be honest I’m not actually missing my adult sewing and I have way too many clothes and no where here to wear them… ah the joys of living here :( I have slowly been working on my course but to be honest I’m not enjoying it at all and have learnt far more from the web and the books I own than what is in that course. All they give you is 2 text books that you work from and I already owned them so now I have double ups of those books. They changed the format of the course earlier in the year and it’s painful. I’m not the only one not happy with the course… there’s lots of others as well. Some are just working through the assignments to get the qual… I didn’t do the course for the qual…I just wanted to learn how to draft patterns professionally and this course is not doing it for me at all. It’s really frustrating. Ah well that’s enough wining about that course hahahahaha I’ll probably do a little more sewing for me as I might need some more summer casuals soon and my waist has expanded a bit (yet once again LOL) so might need to make some allowances in my patterns for it hahahahahahaha

Feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them :)