Glamping in my new Aussie Swag Camper… No more camping for me!

Well… I thought it was time I gave you a bit of an update on what’s been happening in my little world.

On the job front… I had no choice but to take the redundancy package as the company I work for has put a hold/freeze on employment.  Ah well these things happen and they say “Things happen for a reason”.   Not sure yet what the reason is but I’m sure it will become apparent further down the track.

Talking about further down the track…

We bought ourselves a Aussie Swag Camper… YEAH

Now we can head off own the track and in really start to explore the Pilbara region and all this country side has to offer.  Like Exmouth, Karajini, Broome and so much more.

Want a peak at my new Glamper hahaha…  This is what I call Glamping it!

Ours won’t have the spare wheel on the back of the trailer like the one in the video as ours is tucked up under the body of the trailer and out of the way.

Now this beats setting up a tent and camping like we use to!  That's my hubby in the background with the orange shirt... he's going through all the hitching details so he knows what he needs to do.  Probably won't be something I'll do but I'm sure I'll learn all about it when our Aussie Swag arrives.

Now this beats setting up a tent and camping like we use to! That’s my hubby in the background with the orange shirt… he’s going through all the hitching details so he knows what he needs to do. Probably won’t be something I’ll do but I’m sure I’ll learn all about it when our Aussie Swag arrives.

Don’t you just love the Aussie Swag kitchen…

Aussie Swag Camper Kitchen

I love how everything is stainless steel and textured so no finger prints and super easy to clean. It’s got a huge and I mean huge pantry that slides out and a four burner stove and grill… plus hot water on tap and a built in cutting board!

Oh and we also spoiled ourselves and bought a Weber BabyQ to take on our camping trips as well.

Weber BabyQ

Weber BabyQ – Image courtesy of Weber BBQ

Now we truly can cook up a feast and in our complete kitchen… just another little touch to add to the Glamping experience :)

Check out the Aussie Swag Camper bed… I just love it!

I gave the bed a good test and was lying on it and rolling around in it like a big kid as I wanted to make sure it was comfortable and had plenty of room for the two of us.  Was it and did it?  You bet it was and did!  Grant and I could have a pillow fight on this bed and best of all I won’t fall off the sides hahahaha.  It even has a custom made innerspring mattress… no more blow up beds for me when I go camping.

There’s bedside lights and also has storage on each side of the bed to put my glasses and books and any other bits and bobs I like.  It’s the little touches that Aussie Swag add to their campers that make such a difference.  I just love how all the poles are covered with matching canvas and all the windows can be completely opened including the screens to let in more air, when there’s no bugs around of course LOL

Aussie Swag Camper Trailer Bed with innerspring mattress

James at Aussie Swag even included the quilt cover and matching cushions for me as I just love how they coordinate with the camper. I told you I was Glamping and not camping LOL

Oh and lets not forget about the Aussie Swag ensuite

… yes I have an ensuite complete with hot water on tap and two windows I can open for the view or close for privacy when it’s needed.

Aussie Swag Camper Ensuite with Hot Water

We can draw water from the camper’s water tank or from jerry can with just a flick of a switch from within the ensuite. There’s even room for my porta loo… essential when Glamping


Now I just have to be patient…

And wait for our camper to be transported from Perth as we bought the demo model and got a good deal as it saved Aussie Swag from having to transport the camper all the way back to their head office in Qld.  We bought our Aussie Swag Camper at the Perth Caravan and Camping Show…yes we flew all the way down to Perth (2hr flight) just so we could go and check out all the different campers as we wanted to make sure we were making the right choice of camper or off road caravan for us.

Although we’d already done so much extensive research on various campers and off road caravans we thought the Aussie Swag Camper was going to be just perfect for us as I just loved everything about this camper and so did my hubby (Grant).  The Aussie Swag definitely ticked all the boxes for both of us.

Once we decided to purchase our Aussie Swag camper James give us a thorough walkthrough on everything about the the camper… I mean everything.  He went through every tiny detail about the camper and how to set up and pack down the camper to make it super quick and easy.  It really is pretty easy to do and even I could do it by myself, not that I would though, hubby probably wouldn’t let me anyway as he’d want to do it and make sure everything was set up perfect and I didn’t break or scratch anything… boys and their toys LOL

Warm fuzzy feeling

I love the thought of supporting a local Australian company and especially one from my home State of Queensland.  Even though we might pay more for a fully made Australian camper like the Aussie Swag it’s a nice feeling knowing that we’ve supported a lot of families that work for Aussie Swag and the people that work for Aussie Swag take a great deal of pride in their workmanship as well as the companies that supply Aussie Swag’s quality products so they can manufacture a great camper.

Not saying that there’s anything wrong with an imported camper.. we actually liked quite a few of them, but it gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling buying a fully made Australian product and one that has been in the industry for almost 30yrs and still going strong and winning awards for their innovation and quality workmanship in producing quality campers :)

No more camping like this for me

Tent Set Up for Trip around Australia

This was our camp set up when we did our trip around Australia back in 2010

I can’t tell you how many times we set up camp when we did our trips around Australia in our tent.  It use to only take us about 15-20 minutes to have everything set up as each of us knew what our job was… heck we could even set up without saying a word… we were like robots and each of us just knew what was to be done.  We were actually quite rythymic in the end and use to laugh at ourselves at set up time… laughing now just thinking about it hahahaha.  I’m sure we’ll end up the same way with our new Aussie Swag… each of us will have a role to play when it comes to set up and we’ll have our little routine and chores synced in no time.  Oh if I only I had more patience… I want my Aussie Swag NOW… like they say “All good things come to those who wait” so I guess I’ll just have to wait a little while longer before I can head out and go Glamping :)

Oh… we’ve also done the caravaning thing…

We traveled 1/2 way around Australia in a Windsor Seaview caravan from the Gold Coast to Port Hedland and loved it too… but the only problem is with a caravan is we can’t go to as many of the outback places we’d like plus storage is a bit of an issue when you’re only renting like we do.

More like a little home on wheels.  Loved it!

More like a little home on wheels. Loved it!

I loved the kitchen in the Windsor Seaview… even had a place for my coffee machine… put a bit of that non slip stuff underneath and she never moved off the bench on our whole big trip.

Windsor Seaview Caravan - Kitchen

I also lived in this caravan for nearly 6mths when we first came back to Port Hedland. She was my little home on wheels. Love it!

 What about you?  Do you go Camping or Glamping… or would you like to?

I never thought I’d ever be a girl that like going bush and going camping… but about 10 or more years ago a good friend of mine (Adele) invited us on a camping trip.  I was a little hesitant at first but thought what the heck lets do it.  So I bought a tent and blow up bed and few kitchen things including an esky and cooker… well from that first camping trip I was hooked and have loved every single camping trip I’ve ever had since.  Hubby thought I’d hate it as I like my creature comforts but a big surprise for him and for me I LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  I especially the camping trips we’ve had  when we went with our friends.

I do have to admit the best camping trips by far was when we camped and tented our way around the top end from the Gold Coast to Port Hedland and then when we took 6 months off and camped and tented our way around Australia down the bottom end from Port Hedland back to the Gold Coast.    So looking forward to the day we get to do the big trip around Australia again… this time Glamping it in our Aussie Swag camper!

So there you go… now you know what I’ve been up to.  Oh and there’s been no sewing lately… been too busy researching and buying a camper trailer and all the bit and pieces that I’m going to put in it, as you do LOL.  So far I’ve just bought all kitchen stuff that will live in the camper so we can make quick and easy get aways when ever we get the chance :)   I’ll be sure to let you know when the camper arrives and we head out for our first camping trip and how it all goes and will be sure to take some pics to share with you.



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      We’re loving it ours too! Had a wonderful 2 week camping trip up to Broome, down to the Coral Coast and across to Karijini and loved every minute of it. We’re going to be heading away for a few weeks over Xmas in it and can’t wait :) I have a feeling we’ll still love our Aussie Swag in 9yrs time as well :)

Feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them :)