New Dolls Dress I called Sea Breeze

For my latest creation I decided to call it  ‘Sea Breeze’

The reason I called it Sea Breeze is the colours of the beautiful fabric and trims I used to create it.  It all started with a scarf I bought which is the crinkle fabric I used for the overlay of the skirt part of the dress.  The fabric reminded me of gentle breezes walking along the beach on a beautiful summers day.

Made to fit American Girl dolls & Australian Girl dolls

I have to admit I’m really  happy with how this whole outfit turned out… it’s exactly what I had envisioned in my mind when I first picked up and bought that gorgeous scarf.

I not only made the dress but I also made the belt which can be worn as a headband and I made the little necklace too.

This is probably my favourite photo of this dress which I took down on the waterfront at Port Hedland as the sun was setting.  My model is Julie my American Girl doll.

American Girl Doll Julie wearing Headband - Chris Lucas Design

To me she looks like she’s the goddess of the ocean in this photo.

What do you think?

One of my friends on Facebook said this picture looks like it should be on the cover of a book… well I have to admit that made me smile and to be honest made me feel quite proud.

Practicing my photography skills

I’ve been trying improve on my photography skills a bit so as I can take better photos and although I still have sooooo much to learn I think I’m getting a bit better at it.  I have a Canon DSL that”s actually meant to be my hubby’s camera but I figure I might as well use it as he’s almost always at work anyways LOL.  The rules in my house are… What’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine’ and they’ve always been that way hahaha

Going Public…

This photo shoot was actually the very first time I’ve ever taken my dolls out in public.  I did have a bit of an audience at one stage but I decided what the heck just do it and forget there’s even anyone else there.  Some people probably thought I was nuts but hey… I can’t be the only nutter out there can I?

Here’s a few more photos I took

American Girl Doll Julie - Dress by Chris Lucas

This one is of my doll Australian Girl doll Belle (Annabelle).  I even put my old hairdressing skills to work and styled her hair for this photo shoot.

Australian Girl Doll Annabelle - Dress and Hair by Chris Lucas

With all these skills I’m using does that mean I can say I’m a…

Fashion Designer, Jeweller, Photographer, Hairdresser, and Fashion Stylist?

The rate I’m going I’ll end up with letters after my name… having a giggle at that one 😀 

Australian Girl Doll Annabelle - Chris Lucas Design Original Dress Sea Breeze

I can’t tell you the number of compliments I’ve had about this outfit from friends, followers and members of a couple of Facebook groups I’m in.

This one is another one of my favourite photos and it’s great for showing the details in the straps I made and the belt buckle I used and the little necklace I made to match.  This photo I took in our little back yard the day before we headed off to the beach.

Australian Girl Doll Annabelle Wearing Chris Lucas Design - Sea BreezeThis one give you an even better close up view

Australian Girl Doll Annabelle -Dress by Chris Lucas Designs - Sea Breeze

So there you go that’s my latest creation ‘Sea Breeze’

I’ve listed here in my Etsy shop but I’m not sure how I’m going to part with it though but at least I will always have the wonderful memories of making it and the fun I had doing my first photo shoot with my dolls out in public.

If you’re on Facebook you’ll find my new Facebook page Chris Lucas Designs here come and join me as I’m currently hosting a giveaway over there and you can choose between 2 different outfits that I’ll be drawing on the 30th June.  I blogged about my Giveaway here if you’d like to find out more and to see what you could win :)




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  1. says

    Very pretty. I have a grown up version of this dress. Same colour too. Doesn’t have plated straps or a belt but does have the same shape and soft “over dress”.

    • says

      Thanks BeaJay and this would definitely make a great grown up dress and something I’d wear too. I’m finding that I love making things for the dolls that I’d wear or would love to wear if I had the body for it LOL.

    • says

      Thank you Barbara :) I hadn’t thought about doing a pattern for this dress but I might just do that as it’s a gorgeous dress and a fun sewing project too. So keep a lookout :)

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