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These pants were made for walking in…

The title says it all!   Yes, these pants were actually made for walking in… all thanks to my new joggers.

Here’s a picture of me and Zoe ready to go for a walk and test out my new walking pants.. Oh and my new top.  Notice my shoes match Zoe’s walking lead and collar hahaha

Perfect pants for walking in

Zoe was super excited to take me for a walk and test out my pants

Ooops my bra is peaking out in this pic… at least I’m wearing one of my pretty ones :)

Let me tell you how these pants all started…

While we were on our holiday my hubby spotted our niece (Emma) and her boyfriend wearing some joggers and they told him how comfortable they were so next thing you know we’re off looking for these jazzy new joggers.  All I was thinking was oh no this might mean I have to actually go WALKING too… geez… why did he have to spot those darn joggers?

Anyway we arrived at the Niki store and I laid my eyes on a purple pair and I’m thinking I wouldn’t actually mind trying these pretty babies on… next thing they’re on my feet and it was like I was walking on clouds!  They were so soft and had a lovely spring to them and OMG they were so flexible., nothing at all like my old pair.

These are the shoes I splurged on

I can’t tell you how darn comfortable the Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe really is… not like I’m ever going to run in them but they’re definitely great for walking in and they’re perfect for me

Well… now that I have my jazzy walking shoes I’m actually walking again and because we’ve been walking most days I realised I didn’t have enough walking clothes and decided I’d make some.  First off I knew I wanted to make some kind of pants, not shorts, not for these sexy legs as I wouldn’t like to cause a traffic accident *wink wink*

So I went on a hunt through my pattern stash as I’m not yet up to drafting a pattern for pants and just wanted a quick make.  In my stash I had a Butterick 5655 Fast & Easy pattern and I thought perfect! Just want I wanted, something fast and easy, and with a length perfect for my legs.

Butterick 5655

By the way I’m loving the top that comes with this pattern too!

Let me tell you the Butterick 5655 pant pattern really is fast and easy.. There’s just 2 pattern pieces (front & back) with an elastic waist.  Definitely not a sexy pant pattern but they were exactly what I wanted for walking in.

In my fabric stash I had a piece of black linen that I thought would be perfect for my pants… so within a couple of hours my pants were made.

I still had a couple of hours before hubby was due home from work before our walk so I thought… mmm maybe I’ve got a quick and easy pattern in my stash for a top to go with my new walking pants.  Well… you guessed it.. Yes, I had Vogue 8822 Very Easy pattern.

Vogue 8822

Now that I had my pattern picked out next thing I’m hunting through my fabric stash once more and found a lovely piece of rayon print that would match my pants.  Fortunately black goes with just about anything and is great for having in your fabric stash.

Here'a close up of my Butterick 5655 top after my walk... yes that's sweat on my brow!

Here’a close up of my Butterick 5655 top after my walk… yes that’s sweat on my brow!

Now that I have my new walking shoes and perfect pants and top pattern for walking in there’s no reason for not taking my little Zoe for a walk everyday!  The only trouble is is that this is how I look and how I feel afterwards LOL

Here's what I look like after a walk... it's already getting soooo hot here in Port Hedland and it's only going to get hotter as summer hasn't even arrived yet!

Here’s what I look like after a walk… it’s already getting soooo hot here in Port Hedland and it’s only going to get hotter as summer hasn’t even arrived yet!

Zoe’s ready for another walk already and we’ve only just got back!  She’ll just have to wait until tomorrow before we venture out and go for another walk :)


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  1. says

    Great outfit for walking in that heat, nice and loose fitting. I also like the top that goes with the pants pattern, I hope you’ll also be making one of those some time.
    I love your little four legged personal trainer! I think I might enjoy exercise a bit more if I had such a lovely little companion – although, obviously, I know she is a tenacious and fearsome guard dog in real life ;)

    • says

      I sure do want to make the top to the pants pattern Fiona and that’s why I had originally bought the pattern… just haven’t got around to making it yet LOL.

      Zoe sure is a great personal trainer and now that we’ve started walking each day as soon as her daddy gets home from work she gets all excited as she knows it’s walking time. Oh and don’t worry when it comes to guarding my fabric stash particularly my leopard print fabrics she turns into a big bad mean viscous guard dog LOL

  2. says

    Wow, you look so sporty and summery in your new slacks and top and trainers. Purple is my favourite colour. Zoe looks so cute and happy to be going for a walk with mum. I hope you have many happy walking adventures in your new digs!

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