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Fashion Design Course Update – The Fitted Vest

In my last fashion design course update I shared the fitted bodice block I submitted for project 5 and here’s some good news… I got a DN (Distinction) which I was really happy about :)

Yesterday I submitted project 6 which was to draft a pattern for a fitted vest.  I only made the vest in calico as I didn’t want to waste my fashion fabric on this project as I can’t really see myself wearing a vest and especially when we’re coming into summer.  Today it reached 44 degrees and it’s still Spring with a month to go until Summer so it’s looking like we’re going to be in for a very long and very hot summer here in Port Hedland this year.

Anyway back to the fitted vest I drafted and sewed all by my little old self LOL

This is the pic of the front view that I submitted for my assignment.  That chin sure isn’t looking too good!  I’m going to blame my photographer for that one (sorry hubby).  I think he needs to work on his photography skills hahaha

Self drafted fitted vest

Self drafted fitted vest… not the prettiest thing I’ve ever worn LOL

One thing about sewing a project in calico is you can definitely see the drag or pull lines really easy.   As you can see in this one I’ve got a few… not bad but to me it looks like I needed to add a little more ease for the girls as it’s pulling a little across my bust and I could have added a little more in my side seam dart as well.  If you look closely you can see my stitching lines as I transfer all my pattern markings onto my calico using waxed tracing paper that I absolutely love and can’t live without!

The good thing about this course is that I’m also learning to see what’s not right and coming up with solutions I can test out to rectify them.  I know that once I get a lot more practice behind me I’ll be able to see them and amend my patterns quite easily.  Like most things in life… practice makes perfect :)

There is a three part written component to the drafting assignments I submit where you have to write a detailed evaluation of your work in terms of pattern (how you constructed your pattern), adjustments (what adjustments you made to your draft to ensure a better fit) and fit (how it fitted you), plus you have to include your body measurements.  So with all the info I submitted with this one I hope I get an alright grade… Another HD would be nice but most importantly I look forward to the feedback from my wonderful assessor Yvonne.

So that’s all the sewing I’ve been up to this week and I’m now working on drafting a pattern for a shirt with long sleeves, cuffs, and a collar, which could turn ugly if I choke myself with the collar hahaha

Till next time happy sewing :)

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      Thanks Faye and I’m loving the challenge of being able to draft something and bring it to life and it actually fits LOL. I sure do love learning and especially when it’s related to sewing :)

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    Another course success! You are doing so well in your studies. I only took the two courses from my local college and did not go back this year. I may go back for the spring term.

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      Thanks Catja and I’m really loving it now that I’ve got stuck back into it again. I hope you do go back and I’m sure you will when it’s the right class and the right timing for you. I’m so envious that you can go to face to face classes as it’s not easy doing it online but I know it will be worth it in the end :)

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