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Learn how to draft your own patterns

How exciting!  There’s 2 new online pattern drafting classes available

You can now learn how to draft your own patterns with Craftsy

Craftsy have added two new classes on pattern drafting and I’ve enrolled and watched both and I can honestly say they’re both excellent pattern drafting classes.  Well, lets face it Craftsy  really know how to put together fantastic sewing classes and I should know as I’ve signed up and watched just about every single online sewing class Craftsy  have LOL… plus I’ve been studying fashion design just so I could learn how to draft my own patterns.

Suzy Furrer is the instructor and she goes into a lot of detail and explains very clearly every step of the process and makes it so easy to follow along.  These classes are a great resource and I’ll definitely be using them to help me with my fashion design course as the information and explanations are far more indepth than what I’ve received in my course materials.

So if you’ve ever wanted to be able to draft your own pattern I can highly recommend both of these Craftsy classes and they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than the course I signed up for to learn how to draft my own patterns but I won’t tell hubby that LOL

Here’s an introduction and an overview to both the pattern drafting classes.

Pattern Making Basics – The Skirt Sloper and this is the class I would start with first.

Here’s a description of the class:

In this class you get to learn how to draft stylish skirt patterns with Suzy Furrer, the founder of Apparel Arts Fashion Design School.   You’ll start off by making your own perfectly fitted skirt sloper.  Then you get to use your sloper to draft A-line, bias and circle flared skirts as well as how to draft pleated skirts with inverted box, accordion or knife pleats.   Create skirts with silhouettes such as a lowered waist with a contoured waistband, an Empire waistline complete with a facing, or a pencil skirt.  Add personality to your pattern with a flounce or peplum, or even draft a wrap skirt.  Finish your pattern with details such as pockets, waistbands, facings and linings, and you’re ready to sew a custom skirt you designed yourself!

Craftsy Patternmaking Basics - The Skirt Sloper

 Suzy also shows how to add various custom design elements to your skirt pattern

Craftsy - Skirt Pattern Drafting adding custom design detailing

In this class you’ll also learn how to draft a variety of skirt patterns from your skirt sloper

Craftsy - draft a variety of skirt patterns

Patternmaking Basics – The Bodice Sloper

Once you’ve worked through the Patternmaking Basics – Skirt Sloper I would then work through the follow on class Patternmaking Basics – The Bodice Sloper 

Craftsy Patternmaking Basics - The Bodice Sloper

Patternmaking Basics – The Bodice Sloper Class Description

Take your fashion design education to the next level in this follow-up to Patternmaking Basics – Skirt Sloper .  With Apparel Arts founder Suzy Furrer, you’ll create a moulage, or a precise fabric blueprint of the upper body.  Learn to draft both your front and back moulage based on accurate measurements, cut your muslin and assemble it.  Then you’ll go step-by-step through refining the fit.  With your moulage patterns perfectly customized, you’ll use them to make a finished sloper, complete with wearing ease.  Suzy will even discuss design options that can be created from your bodice sloper, and how to transform your woven sloper into a knit sloper.

Suzy shares so much in this class including

Craftsy - Bodice Sloper Class - Learn to fit key bodice areas

So if you’d love to be able to draft your own patterns and/or learn how to get a great fit for your patterns then I would highly recommend both of these classes as I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.   If you haven’t yet seen them or signed up you can click on the link below to find out more and to see if they’re right for you :)

SPECIAL OFFER from Craftsy

Craftsy have bundled both of these classes together and you can save $$… Click here to find out more

Craftsy Pattern Making Class Bundle

 Oh by the way if you do sign up by clicking on one of my links I’ll make a couple of dollars that I can contribute to my coffee fund as I’m not only a Craftsy addict but I’m also a coffee addict LOL

Have you ever wanted to be able to draft your own patterns as well?

I’m sure there’s lots of us that have thought about it and even had a go at it?  Have you?

I just wish Craftsy had of bought these classes out sooner and I could have saved myself quite a few thousand dollars and a lot of time and effort on the distance education course I signed up for… ah well the good thing is I can now use the Craftsy patternmaking courses to help me with my studies.  There’s always a plus side to everything :)

In my next blog post I’ll give you an update on my Vogue 8793 - Ultimate Hourglass T-Shirt and I also made a super quick and easy skirt to go with it!

Here it is when it was just a work in progess

Now you can see the hourglass illusion I'm trying to create.



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