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Vogue 8793 the Ultimate Hourglass T-Shirt using colour blocking

Second T-Shirt using Vogue 8793

After sewing my first Ultimate T-Shirt using Vogue 8793 and getting such a great fit and a super comfortable t-shirt I thought I’d use the same pattern to give colour blocking a try.

Here’s what I came up with… the idea in my mind was to create the illusion of an hourglass

Vogue 8793 Ultimate Hourglass T-Shirt Side View

How did I create the hourglass colour block to the pattern?

All I did was trace the front pattern piece and then draw in where I thought I’d like to add the colour block effect.  Once I did that I then cut up the pattern pieces and added in the newly needed seam allowances and then sewed the pieces back together to recreate the front and back pieces needed for the t-shirt.  Because the print fabric was a stretch knit burnout I lined it with the plain black stretch knit fabric for a little modesty, although I didn’t line the sleeves as they really didn’t need it and wanted to take advantage of the burnout effect.

Vogue 8793 T-Shirt - colour blocking

Other changes I made to the original Vogue 8793 pattern

  1. Lowered the neckline (but I went a little too far with the scoop as my neckline doesn’t sit quite as well as my first version).  I should have made the curve at the bottom of the neckline a little straighter as this would have eliminated the problem that I had.  You can see in a couple of the pics how the neckline in the centre front doesn’t sit quite right… but hey I can live with it the way it is and I’ve learned a pretty good lesson from the exercise for next time I lower a neckline.
  2. Made the sleeves a little tighter.  Comfort wise I actually prefer the original sleeve width.  Hey… you never know unless you give it a go
  3. Lengthened the hemline.  I wanted this t-shirt to be longer so as it would go over my curvy hips and hide those little bulges at the side.  Especially as I was planning on wearing it with a figure hugging stretch knit skirt that I was going to make out of the same black fabric as I used in the top.

Here’s a close up of the neck band which you can see is not sitting quite right… but hey if anyone’s looking that closely (other than you and me) I don’t think they’ll be just looking at my neck band LOL

Ultimate Hourglass T-Shirt - Close up of the neckband

Whipped up a quick and easy skirt to make it a complete outfit

For this outfit I also made myself a quick and easy little skirt using the same black stretch knit fabric I used in the side panels of the t-shirt.  All I did was take my measurements for my waist and hips and cut a front and back tapering from the waist to the hip measurement and straight down and tapering a little towards the hemline,  I didn’t add in any ease as I was using a stretch knit fabric.  I just a little for a seam allowance and overlocked the side seams.  Added an elastic waistband, and coverstiched the hem.  Now I have a great little skirt I can mix and match with other tops I already have and will be adding to my wardrobe.  Such a quick and easy skirt to make and whip up any time you need a quick and easy skirt to sew to match a top.

Stretch knits = Comfort

In this view you can see just how stretchy the fabric is which really makes for a super comfortable outfit that moves with you and your curves.

Ultimate Hourglass T-Shirt Side view 2

This view shows off the full hourglass effect which is exactly the same on the front.  If I was to do the hourglass effect again I don’t think I’d bring in the centre of the hourglass quite as much as I did with this one as I think it’s a little too much of an hourglass effect.

Ultimate Hourglass T-Shirt and matching skirt

Close up view of the sleeve showing the burnout fabric… and I thought it was a good excuse to show off my new ring LOL.

Hourglass Ultimate T-Shirt - Close up of the sleeve

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result and my first attempt at colour blocking

I think this outfit looks quite smart and best of all it’s SUPER comfortable.  I’m planning on wearing this Thursday night for a work Christmas dinner.

I have a feeling this won’t be my last attempt at creating my own colour block patterns, you really can just let your imagination go wild and use any of your existing patterns to create what ever effect you desire.

A little more about my new ring

For my 20th anniversary present from my hubby (Grant) he had my original engagement, wedding and eternity ring redesigned and added a nice big diamond and the diamonds in the band.  The rest of the diamonds are from my original rings.  I’d been without my rings since our holiday on the Gold Coast as we left the rings with the jeweller while we were there and then had to wait for the ring to be created.  Now she’s sitting proudly back on my finger again for another 20 yrs.

Redesigned Wedding Ring - 20th Wedding Anniversary Present


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  1. says

    Oooh! It’s beautiful Chris! I like the slightly longer line of this one, it looks very elegant with the long, straight skirt. The burnout fabric is gorgeous.
    Happy anniversary to you both!

    • says

      I was so thinking of you when I hit the publish button on this post Fiona LOL. So glad you like it as I know you’ve been wanting to see how it turned out. Thank you for the lovely compliment and the wishes too :)

  2. says

    This top is beautiful. I love the hourglass shape built in. I need that!
    The skirt is great too. Like leggings but in skirt form (?) if you know what I’m sayin’.
    Beautiful job. I need to sew with more knits…

    • says

      Definitely the easiest way I know of to get that hourglass figure I’ve always dreamed of LOL. I know what you mean about the leggings effect, only thing is these legs definitely aren’t made for leggings (you know what I’m sayin’) the good thing about a skirt, especially a long one) is I can hide a multitude of sins hahaha. I’m such a knit loving girl… this body is definitely made for comfort and I really don’t like ironing and knits help eliminate a lot of that as well. Soooo many pluses when it comes to sewing with knits. I think I’ve become a sewing with knits junkie LOL

  3. says

    Hi Chris – I am glad you do not wear leggings – I see far too many ladies wear leggings that really shouldn’t wear them. Not without a dress over the top. Not a good look! You certainly have the right idea – long and elegant it the way to go.

    As you say, we learn by our mistakes – and really, your neck ‘mistake’is not really going to jump out.

    And lucky you having your ring remodelled. My DH lost his wedding ring, and was quite distraught. We went and purchased another, and then he found his ‘real”one (which he was happy about). Do you think I should do the same thing with my engagement ring lol’s!

    • says

      Sure isn’t a good look on some people, I know they’re meant to be comfortable but I’d rather wear something else that’s comfortable and I don’t feel self conscious wearing. My hubby would crack up laughing at me in a pair of them especially with a short shirt lol.

      I’m actually thinking I wouldn’t mind making a t-shirt similar to this one but with a V neck as I quite like V necks and think they’re quite flattering on a fuller figure as well.

      Mmmm thinking it might be a good idea but before you lose your ring make sure it’s insured LOL… fairs fair, your hubby got a new one when he lost his so you can get a new when if you lose yours LOL My hubby had his wedding ring stolen a few years ago when we had our house broken into but luckily we had insurance and he got a replacement. We had one made that was almost identical to his original one. Fortunately we had a photo where the ring was clearly visible so it wasn’t hard to get duplicated.

      • says

        Amazing what people take – how much would anyone get for selling a ring? So hubby got a new ring – without a new wife, sensible man :)

        Yes, V necks can look flattering, but perhaps cut a v neck shape out first or try something on with a v-neck to see how it looks on you.

        Chris, you want to join the Make a Garment a Month Challenge. Could you send me an email please, stylishsarah251@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invite…

        • says

          Hahaha he is a sensible man! And it amazes me what people will take and risk getting caught for a few dollars of what something is actually really worth.

          I actually really like how a V neck looks on me so I’m thinking I’ll give it a try next time I make up this pattern.

          I’ll send you an email for sure and thanks for letting me know :)

  4. says

    Thanks you and I’m so glad I finally had a go at colour blocking and got the result I was hoping for. It sure was a strange feeling not having my ring on my finger especially after all these years and it’s great to have it back again in a beautiful new design :)

Comments are welcome :)