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The Plus Size Pattern Pyramid is now open to entries.

Get in quick as entries close 1st December and you just never know you could be the next lucky winner!

This is the second Plus Size Pattern Pyramid I won thanks to Funnygrrl at Falling Through Your Clothes and now it’s my turn to host my 2nd Plus Size Pattern Pyramid.

These patterns have travelled all over the world and maybe even to countries we don’t know about.  The parcel left Canada in March and for some unknown reason only arrived a few weeks ago so who knows where this parcel has been or what it’s seen but the good news is it arrived safe and sound.

Here’s the patterns I received from Funnygrrl

Plus Size Pattern Pyramid patterns received

There’s quite a few patterns in here I wouldn’t mind keeping? Oh the decisions!

How cute is this little guy?

Isn't he cute?

Isn’t he cute?  He arrived in the parcel along with the patterns from Funnygrrl.  Thanks Funnygrrl xx

Here’s what I’m keeping

I quite like the style of this top and I don't have one like this in my stash... so in she goes.

I quite like the style of this top and I don’t have one like this in my stash… so in she goes.

Here’s what I’m adding to the collection

I thought I'd add a couple of extra patterns as I have 2 of each of Sandra's... so in they go!

I thought I’d add a couple of extra patterns as I have 2 of each of Sandra’s… so in they go!

A special Thank You

This one is for you BeaJay

This one is for you BeaJay

Just in case you didn’t know the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid was initiated by Beverly over at On The Road to Sew Wear back in January this year and since then has passed through many hands and turned into a number of pyramids as the pattern collections have grown.  Thanks to the Beverly I’ve met many sewing enthusiasts and bloggers I would otherwise may nave not met.  So a special thank you goes out to Beverly for making this possible!

Want to enter the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid?

Here’s all the info you need and it’s really quite easy…


  •  Anyone, anywhere can enter the giveaway by posting a comment below by midnight West Australian Time 1st December 2013  BUT you must have an active blog. (Reasons to become obvious.)
  • I will randomly select a winner, and post all the patterns to them.
  • The winner will pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own giveaway. They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to that person. That winner will host their own giveaway, and so on…
  • All patterns are in the plus size category – ie – if the pattern comes in 2 sizing groups, then it will be the larger category. Patterns to go up to at least go up to a size 20 (many go higher). Patterns listed as “all sizes” will include plus sizes.
  • If you wish to take more than one pattern you can replenish the stock with a pattern you no longer want – but please make sure it is in plus size range
  • We are taking it on trust that all pattern pieces are there
  • Your selection of patterns will be picked at random – please don’t contact me asking for specific patterns.
  • If you’re a winner, I would love it if you could make a small contribution to The Brooke. This is a charity close to the heart of Catherine, who so generously provided the patterns for Karen’s original Pattern Pyramid. And Bev, who donated the original plus sized patterns for this particular Pyramid, continued this request in the spirit of the generosity of the sewing community.
  • Please engage in a timely fashion, launching your own giveaways soon after receiving a parcel.
  • You must be be happy to post patterns worldwide.

Can I please ask you a favour?

Would you mind helping spread the word about the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid competition either via Facebook, Twitter, and/or your blog so as we can let others know and give more of our fellow sewers a chance of winning.  Thanks heaps as I’m sure they’ll appreciate it as much as I do.

So if you would like to go into the draw let me know in the comment box below for your chance to be the next lucky recipient of all the wonderful patterns in this well travelled Plus Size Pattern Pyramid.

Wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to announcing the next winner of the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid on 2nd December.



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